SA-MP Version: SA-MP 0.3.DL Server IP: Status: Online (Beta Test)

About SOLS

The first and only San Andreas: Multi-Player roleplay server based on the story line and concept of the original game. Delivering fun, doubtlessly.

With our lively community, 16 years of success and gangster roleplay that you've seen nowhere else, you would surely be amazed and love having that 90's feel.

OG SOLS Comeback - Posted by Dizzle on 12 Nov 2023

SOLS 2023 re-launch is officially in the works! You can find out more in our Discord.

Release date to be announced the following weeks!

- Forums: 50% Done
- Server: 80% Done
- Discord: 100% Done
- SQL Database: 100% Done
- Dedicated Server Setup: 100% Done
- OPEN.MP Conversion: TBA

Special thanks to Conejo and Archon for contributing their time and effort. Thanks to everyone helping with testing everything before release.

We hope you are as happy as we are about the return of the original SOLS. Please check back for any updates.

Server and Web Relaunch Plan - Posted by Dizzle on 8 Nov 2023

Before re-launching the server and web, we wanted to make sure we don't make the same mistakes as last time. Please find what's about to change before release below.

Please bear in mind this is not final and we will update this list as we go.

- Fresh start - due to the nature of reworks that need to be carried out, everyone will get a fresh start.
- Pay-to-win donations will not be accepted anymore, e.g: gun lockers, sports cars, helicopters and so on.
- Economy will be reworked fully in order to create balance and a little bit of grind (not too much).
- The server will be completely converted to OPEN MP for better performance and features.
- 200,000+ lines of code will be re-checked and overhauled from top to bottom to ensure proper operation.
- New forums, webpage and Discord will be created, featuring old school graphics and style to match everything.
- Massive new environmental mapping project will be carried out gradually after release to give a breath of fresh air to Los Santos.
- Features will be added/removed/revamped as we go based on player suggestions (no FN_LN, though).
- And many more things to come, so stick around and join our Discord for more frequent updates.

The rest of the original Fear & Respect game mode will remain unchanged to preserve the OG vibe.

Staff Recruitment and Bans Removal - Posted by Dizzle on 5 Nov 2023

In order to prepare for the upcoming release in a few weeks we have cleared all bans placed on Discord, Forums and Game Server.

Additionally, we will be looking to recruit experienced Administrators, Testers and Mappers in order to get the team ready before the anicipated release date.

If you are interested, please send me a message on Discord - "realzeed" - thank you.

- 1/1 Manager: Recruitment Closed
- 1/5 Admins: Recruitment Open
- 1/5 Beta Testers: Recruitment Open
- 0/3 Mappers: Recruitment Open
- 0/3 Modders/Designers: Recruitment Open

If you can contribute to the community in any other way, it'll be greatly appreciated, so don't hesitate to contact us.